Little Women, copyright 1868, by Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)

Hello everyone!  We hope by now you have your copies of Little Women and have started to turn those pages.  Over the next several weeks please join us in a discussion of the book.  Please post your thoughts and impressions and let’s make this a journey together.

To get us started, let us share with you this quote: 

“The book teaches Jo and, by extension, us readers, what is important both in fiction and in life…Only hard work and character and the willingness to forgive ourselves and others make life livable.” Anna Quindlen


Chapters 1-5 

Little Women begins with each of the March daughters making a statement that reveals her personality.  With these differing statements, Alcott establishes the framework for an exploration into the different ways the girls grow up.

What have we learned about Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy in the first five chapters of the book?