Opening on October 2nd, The Taming by Lauren Gunderson,  truly embodies the dynamic nature of theatre.This brand new play by Gunderson will be holding its world co-premieres at two theaters – Crowded Fire Theatre in San Francisco, who commissioned the work, and in our space at ArtsWest.

What does that actually mean to our production?  Besides being incredibly priviledged to be the first theatre to open this show, what it means is a lot of work and quite a ride for our Director, Cast and Crew, and a process so different than any other.

As you can imagine, when a play is produced everyone starts with the script.  It is prepared at home, table read in the theatre space, and the Director puts her mind to how the show will be shaped. Although that basic starting point was there for The Taming, the script that we started with was version 7 and now we are past version 11!

The reality of how you birth a new play involves the playwright herself being part of rehearsal process and for The Taming that process took place in San Francisco.  As Lauren watched her words unfold and come to life in the women who played her characters, changes were made, characters morphed and even the names of our three leading roles changed.  Thank goodness for technology! Skyped rehearsals, email notes, script change both big and large, have come to our cast and crew and they have adapted and changed with the rewrites.

What you will see on our stage is truly the end result of the writing and acting process.  It is fresh, massaged but not overworked, and is a living process that will play out for these first audiences. That can be you!  Coming to see The Taming is more than just coming to see a play.  It is being part of the dynamics of a new work.  Watch this play come to life on our stage.