ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery’s marquee has gone dark for the next six weeks while an update takes place in the Gallery and Theater space as well as some behind the scenes changes are implemented. To mark this day and to hint at what’s to come, ArtsWest has revealed a new logo.

“As we are moving into our 15th year, the best anniversary gift we could give to ourselves is a rebranding and strengthening of our identity,” says Board President Judy Pigott.

Laura Lee, Interim Managing Director, explains the meaning of the first piece of the rebranding to be shared. “Our new logo tells the ArtsWest story. The square of our old logo is still visible, as we are not rebuilding a completely new ArtsWest, but instead heading into the next stage of our growth with more confidence and maturity. The square is now a three-sided box, representing the three facets of ArtsWest – our theater, gallery and education programs – and is also the physical shape of our thrust stage. The open fourth side invites us to consider the fourth wall as our audience, our community and possibilities yet to be defined. Our lettering is purposefully moving us outside of the box. The word “Arts” is highlighted in orange – a bright, in your face color – just as we too fall into that realm, and the word “West” is to the literal west reminding us all of our location and roots in West Seattle. This logo will serve us well and hints at things to come!”

When the doors re-open on September 26th a more contemporary, cleaner and fresher ArtsWest will greet the public.