This past Saturday ArtsWest was so happy to celebrate our donors and artists with wine, music, and merriment at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

Coinciding with our tell the story campaign, our launch party gave our supporters a sneak peek into some of the artistic choices we’ve made since initially announcing our season and gave our artistic director, Mathew Wright, a chance to speak to the artistic theme and arch of Uncharted. ArtsWest has already raised over $4,000 for our Tell The Story campaign, which runs until the 22 of September at


The evening began with mingling. Our guests had the opportunity to share their thoughts on past seasons and the upcoming season with Mathew Wright, Laura Lee, and Makaela Pollock, our new Associate Producer. A healthy amount of doting on Makaela’s new baby boy was had by all. Our actors and costume designer from Peter and the Starcatcher shared their artistic process and what they were most looking forward to in regards to the upcoming project.

After receiving their fill of wine from Northwest Wine Academy and Chateau Ste. Michelle and pastries from Panera Bread the room grew quiet and everyone turned to hear Mathew and Makaela speak to why they want audiences to help tell the story and why the stories ArtsWest brings to life need to be told. Mathew’s why for each story in the season was peppered with anecdotes about how each show made an impact on his life, how each show makes an impact on others’ lives, and how each director in our season is sure to make each show their own.

As the evening came to a close, our supporters lingered. A conversation about each story had been sparked and the excitement in the room was palpable up until the moment when our last guest left. DJ Morgan from KEXP turned the music down, the last bottle of wine was corked, and the large ArtsWest light on the floor dimmed.


The night was a success. Our supporters and audience members left feeling connected to the stories they will see this season and will remain engaged as they receive updates throughout the year. There is still time to donate to our Tell the Story campaign, or to take it a step further if you’ve already donated and become a team leader. Ask your friends and family to support you while you support the story or stories you connect with most. Please email or call 2069380963 x113 if you have any questions about how to do so.

We’re excited to see you this season as we Tell the Story!