May 3 – 28, 2023

A satirical comedy that lovingly skewers the popular tropes of the 90s teen sitcom, ZACH introduces us to the lives and loves of Gina and P.J., a Black girl and a Latino boy at an affluent, majority-white Southern California high school.   P.J., a lovesick surfer boy, and Gina, a budding fashionista, are overjoyed when they’re invited into the inner circle of Zach, the white, charismatic, prank-happy new kid at school. But when Zach plans a new prank that goes too far, P.J. and Gina must race to stop him before it’s too late – and along the way, learn to see their peers, and themselves, with fresh eyes.

Winner, 2021 Young-Howze Theatre Award, Best Comedic Writing

“A witty, nostalgic and challenging piece.” – ArtsWave

“A healing balm…it unapologetically says you are too unique for a theme song to make everything better.” – The Young-Howze Journal


Amber Walker – GINA

Michael Nevárez – PJ

Creative Team

Sara Porkalob – Director

Daisy Bower – Stage Manager

Bella Rivera – Scenic Designer

Trevor Cushman – Lighting Designer

Sandra Huezo-Menjivar – Sound Designer

Janelle Kimbrough – Costume Designer