March 5 – 22, 2014

This witty, wry play, the last written by Tony Award and Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Wendy Wasserstein, tells the story of a college professor, who has her life in seemingly good order.  Wife, mother, professor – all lined up in a neat row – until it isn’t, thanks to an outwardly stereotypical jock who throws her world into disarray when she accuses him of plagiarizing his essay on King Lear.  In challenging, Woodson Bull III (Third), our professor is forced to question her aggressively feminist ideology, standards and family relationships.  Full circle moment – is she in danger of becoming exactly the thing she has been battling against?Directed by Peggy Gannon

Anastasia Armes – Costume Designer

Johanna Melmed – Sound Designer

Tristan Roberson – Lighting Designer

Burton Yuen – Set Designer

Becca Hines – Stage Manager


Bill Higham – Jack Jameson

Mark Tyler Miller – Woodson Bull III

Marty Mukhalian – Laurie Jameson

Kacey Shiflet – Emily Imbrie

Kate Witt – Nancy Gordon

Peggy Gannon – DirectorSeattle Times Preview – Feb 28. 2014