February 1 – March 17

Artist Statement

I am Scott Coffey, a painter, printmaker, graphic designer, and collage artist from Seattle, Washington. My lifelong interest in books, comics, and mythology has translated itself into an art practice of narrative work centered around stories, beliefs, and the intersection between the two. My work is imbued with color, as I am fascinated with the visual power and strong emotions that pigments provide. Due to my graphic design background, much of my fine art work also involves words, either in descriptive narratives alongside a piece, or in writing directly on a panel. The combination of words and images has a unique power neither element can provide on its own, and I value and attempt to channel that combination to tell stories that are personal, political, and queer.


ArtsWest’s Gallery is free and open to the public Thursday – Saturday from 2 – 7pm and Sundays 11 – 3pm. 

The work in the gallery is for sale. Interested parties should contact the Box Office and we will connect you with the artist to complete the sale.

ArtsWest does not take commission on the sale of art.