September 29, 2022 – November 11, 2022

These works are from an ongoing series I call the “Shifter Scrolls” (my nickname is Shifter). The concept for this comes in part from my fascination with long linear Chinese, Japanese, and Indian scrolls that tell tales from the important to the mundane. These longer drawings are based on 8 days of hiking in Glacier National Park in 2021. The 30 foot drawing is a depiction of this journey in linear time, from day 1 to day 8. The other 25 foot work is a assemblage of drawings from the same adventure. The diptychs are a collection of work from hiking in the Mt. Baker area a couple weeks ago. They combine photography of the location alongside an ink drawing of said location. This series is a physical manifestation of the emotions and feelings experienced from being in nature, in exerting energy and becoming weary and high on endorphins on my hiking journeys. The ability to become one with nature, to cease to exist, to feel that the world is limitless, and that existence is infinite. The act of making art equally transits my existence to another plane. It’s sort of some out of body experience. I’m fascinated at the interior depths you can wander in while in the mountains and the forest. I’m equally intrigued by the depths you can travel to within yourself while creating art. This work happily combines the two. Both the drawing and the hiking at times produce an incredible feeling of possibility. CONTACT:

Instagram: @_shifter