June 20, 2019 – July 28, 2019



BethAnn Lawson is modern-impressionist painter who lives and works in Seattle, Washington. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, she was taught by and is heavily influenced by her surrealist painter-father, who was a founding member of the San Francisco Street Artist Association. After graduating from the Institute of Design in San Franscisco, she moved to Seattle and spent over three decades as a textile designer, graphic designer and illustrator, but returned to her love of painting after the passing of her father in 2011.


Through my large paintings, I’m able to play harder, expressing thoughtful, bold, colorful images and concepts without parameters. I can lose myself for hours inside of each one as I take apart the images an carefully put them back together emphasizing colors, rhythms and patterns, bridging the gap between abstraction up close and realism from a distance.

I am always striving for the delicate balance between industry and nature, between meticulous and impetuous, between painting as a physical object and invoking a redolent memory. Fascinated by people and design, I hope to capture little glimpses of life containing whimsy, the secrets of strangers, and the amazing architecture of both nature and man.