August 16, 2023 – October 23, 2023

Artist Statement

“Inspired by David Sergeant’s poem “A Language of Change,” my works delve into the meaning behind one particular phrase: “translated by carbon magic,” exploring the intricate and dramatically changing interplay between human actions and the environment’s response. I express this powerful transformation through abstraction, inviting viewers to form their more personal reflections.

In “Carbon Magic,” each painting becomes a testament to the transformation’s duality. Take meticulously drawn lines and shapes reminiscent of contours taken from weather maps or repeated over and over tiny marks that are actual greenhouse gas formulas forming cloud- or smoke-like shapes. The crisp graphic elements merge with painterly soft surfaces underneath. This interplay mirrors the fragile harmony of our world, where the equilibrium can be disturbed by our own hands.

My artworks embody both beauty and caution, much like the poem itself. This exhibit serves as a reminder of our choices’ repercussions and the whispering winds of change. “Carbon Magic” invites us to reflect on our role as Earth’s stewards, interpreting the effects of transformation that shape the environment, us, and the course of our future.”

Artist Bio

Kalina Winska is a Seattle-based artist whose paintings, created on canvas, wood panels, and paper, present speculative landscapes in which the artist blurs reality and representation, the environment and its technological translations, with imagery taken from weather patterns, climate models, and futuristic landscapes.

Kalina grew up in Poland and has actively exhibited her works in the US, Poland, Germany, Canada, and Japan. Her recent commissions include a three-dimensional installation for San Juan Island Museum Atrium and large murals for Meta Open Arts and Google’s Artist in Rsidence Programs. She has been showing her art with SAM Gallery at the Seattle Art Museum.


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