April 23, 2014 – June 7, 2014

Celebrating the Summer of Love, join ArtsWest as we bring the American tribal-love rock musical to our stage!  Telling the story of the “Tribe” – a group of politically active long-haired hippies of the Age of Aquarius, living a bohemian life while fighting against conscription into the Vietnam War – HAIR is both a joyous celebration of youth and a poignant journey through 1960’s America.  Through all its peace, love, and psychedelic colors, HAIR is a social and cultural phenomenon that remains just as vital and relevant today.  ”

“We’re gonna change the world, at least we’re gonna try”.

*contains full frontal nudity, strong language, mature themes



 Director – David Gassner

Musical Director & Conductor – Mathew Wright

Choreography by Mary Angelo

Stage Manager – Michelle Berweiler

Set and Prop Designer – Burton Yuen

Costume Designer – K.D. Schill

Sound Designer & Engineer – Brien Bower

Lighting Designer – Beth Steele



Claude – Mark Tyler Miller

Berger – Jeff Orton

Sheila – Sara Porkalob

Woof – Ryan Floresca

Hud – Jelani Kee

Jeanie – Amanda Louise Carpp

Crissy – Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako

Dionne – Stacie Calkins

Tribe – CJ Conrad, Isaiah Crowson, Alex Davis-Brazill, EmilyRose Frasca


Conductor & Piano – Mathew Wright

Guitar – Jordan Cope

Woodwinds – Greg Derk

Bass – Ryan Majoris

Drums – Evan Woodle“ArtsWest’s production is infectiously fun when the material calls for it, but it really excels in its disturbing and defiant depictions of a group of young people fighting against a world gone mad.” – Dusty Somers, Seattle Times

“Sometimes, a production is simply put-transcendent. That was the case with the production of Hair that I saw last Friday.” – Xavier Lopez Jr – Seattle pi

“This particular group of actors come together to form an explosive synergy, each as lovely, dextrous, energetic, and earnest as the next.” – A.B. Smith –
Drama in the Hood

“Hair… is nothing short of spectacular, full of honesty and heart and relevance, with those spirit-lifting sing-along tunes we remember and love. What have you got, 1968? One helluva musical that still rings true today.” – Autumn Needles, EDGE Seattle

“This particular rendition has a fun band and playful cast with good vocals and fabulous energy. Feel free to dance on-stage at the production’s end, as this rock musical intended.” – Heed the Hedonist

“The songs will give you chills, and there’s not a weak singer in the bunch. But the thing that really makes Hair worth seeing is that there are so many parallels that can be made to today’s society.” – Vivian Lappenbusch, TeenTix

“Wow, I was even more mesmerized with the Current production staged by David Gassner for ARTSWEST, this past weekend. This production by far was the Gayest and Best yet.” – MK Scott, OUTview online

“Hair Stays True to its Roots in Breezy Staging at Arts West” – David-Edward Hughes, Talkin’Broadway

“This is lively entertainment where the musical performances cause the theatre to vibrate with energy.” – Nancy Worrsam, Arts Stage – Seattle Rage