June 16 – July 31


The Dangerous Beauty art exhibit is a visual journey of transition and growth through its portrayal of poisonous plants. The muted colors and delicate linework communicate a sense of fluidity, speaking to the exploration of gender and identity. These images invite viewers to embrace their own transformation and recognize the beauty in the unexpected. As dangerous as these plants may seem, they hold a deeper meaning about the complexity of life and the importance of growth.

Through this series, you are invited to confront the complexities of your own identities and world around them. As a digital artist, Emily Juarez focuses on capturing the beauty and diversity of the world through her work. Her art reflects her contemplative nature and her enthusiasm for exploration and learning. With a talent for drawing and a passion for creating, Emily is committed to honing her skills and producing artwork that inspires and enlightens. Whether she is depicting people, nature, or abstract concepts, she brings a unique perspective and a keen eye for detail to every piece she creates.

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