October 23, 2014 – November 22, 2014

Dogfight, based on the 1991 Warner Bros. film, tells the story of 3 Marines in 1963 who, on the eve of their deployment to Vietnam, look forward to their last evening of fun and debauchery. A romantic and heartbreaking story, Eddie Birdlace enlists a sweet awkward waitress, Rose Fenny, to join him at the party. Rewriting the rules of the game, Rose teaches young Eddie the meaning of compassion. Dogfight veers from intimate and intense to wildly energetic.CREATIVE

Mathew Wright

Music Director
Christopher DiStefano

Trina Mills

Lighting Designer
Robert Aguilar

Scenic Designer
Ahren Buhmann

Sound Designer
Michael Connolly

Costume Designer
Chelsea Cook


Kody Bringman (Birdlace)

Devon Busswood (Rose)

Trent Moury (Bernstein)

Ben Wynant (Boland)

Janet McWilliams (Marcy/Peggy)

Chance Eldridge (Fector)

Daniel Goodman (Stevens)

Jake Hoff (Gibbs/Steven’s Date)

 Pat Sibley (Mama)

Kirsten deLohr Helland (Suzette/Librarian)

Tori Spero (Ruth/Chippy)

Chris Carwithen (Pete/Lounge Singer)