January 16, 2020 – February 2, 2020

Artist: anna macrae

Fantasy Landscapes  –  

Anna Macrae uses bold colors and shapes to describe vertical and horizontal viewpoints of potentially urban and city landscapes. Playful color-field inspired paintings are generated on embedded textural surfaces with overlapping information and marks. These surreal landscapes renderings inform a dialogue and connections between human imprint and natural forms as they give way to the evolving notion of fantasy habitats.

Bio – 

Anna Macrae was born and educated in England, and has lived on the Eastside of Seattle since 2001.

She considers herself a lifelong artist, and from an early age she surrounded herself with art making. Her mother and grandmother were both artists, their skills were often put to use in a more practical and domestic environment, but their approach to life instilled in Anna creative possibilities in everyday objects and situations.

She gained qualifications in Civil Engineering, but her passion has always been for art making, and engagement in community based arts interactions.

She is self-taught, which she feels allows her to be unrestricted in her practice, as she gives herself the freedom of no rules to follow.