ArtsWest recognizes that actors are on the frontlines of our work, bringing their hearts, minds, and stories to bear every time they step into the audition room or onto the stage.

At all steps of the process, we seek to create brave, supportive spaces in which actors can thrive and create incredible work. We practice identity-conscious casting and producing, an idea coined by Lavina Jadhwani in her fantastic HowlRound article as an evolution of the practice of color-conscious casting.  Some ways this practice shows up can be found throughout the information below.  When offers are made, we disclose who else is on the team and keep all updated as artists continue to join the project. 

ArtsWest employs mainly non-union actors with limited SPT Tier 5 contracts for AEA actors.  Currently, ArtsWest provides at least one AEA contract per production.

Please review our 2023-24 General Auditions Notice.