Subscription Pause

Subscriptions are currently on pause as we seat renewing Subscribers. Both Single-Tickets and Subscriptions will go back on sale on October 1st, 2021. Thank you for your patience.

General Auditions / Creative Interviews

Want to work on an upcoming ArtsWest production? Throughout the next month, we’ll be conducting auditions and interviews for Cast, Creative, and Crew positions.

General Auditions

September 11 – 14th, 2021More Info on our Generals Page

Creative and Technical Positions

This year, meetings for new Directors, Designers, Stage Management, and crew members will take place on September 25th, 2021 – send your materials to and you will be invited to self-schedule a time to come in to meet with the committee. If you aren’t available that day, a video meeting can be arranged. More info here.

Daniel Kytonen: In this present moment.

We are so pleased to announce the re-opening of our Art Gallery to the general public. From August 8th through November 14th ArtsWest presents the exhibition In this present moment.
Selected from a series of “Spirit Gates”, Daniel Kytonen’s abstract paintings on transparent plastic sheets transform the spaces they inhabit and invite visitors to approach in-between spaces – between spirit and substance, like divine passageways.

Announcing Our 2021-22 Season

After a year of pandemics and reckonings, we are beginning to emerge from a long dark night of the soul.  What will await us when we wake?  As we step tentatively back into our lives, we know that healing is necessary.  A return to each other is necessary.  But how will we do it?  How will we know what to create together when we finally return to the gathering place? 

As we sleep, we dream.  In our individual dreams, boundaries disappear, and new, limitless worlds are explored.  Obstacles become monsters to slay and we become the gods and heroes of our stories.  In our collective dream, these stories become our myths and legends.   

WHEN WE WAKE is a season rife with gods, monsters, myths and legends – both the ones that create us and the ones we will create together.  As we emerge from the dream, which myths will we choose to bring with us?  Which will we choose to leave behind?  What new legends can we create together? 

When day comes we step out of the shade, 

aflame and unafraid, 

the new dawn blooms as we free it. 

For there is always light, 

if only we’re brave enough to see it. 

If only we’re brave enough to be it. 

– Amanda Gorman 

Mathew Wright, Artistic Director

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Who we are:

ArtsWest is a predominantly white theater institution that is committed to becoming an anti-racist theater.  We understand that we have made errors and have much work before us.  We welcome this work and we will do better.  We will hold ourselves accountable and ask that our stakeholders, our artists, staff, board, patrons, donors, and volunteers also hold us accountable. 

What we believe:

We believe that there are only two choices – racist or anti-racist.  We recognize the definition of anti-racist theater to be that put forth by Nicole Brewer, founder of the Anti-Racist Theater (A.R.T.) movement.  A.R.T. is defined as practices and policies that actively acknowledge and interrogate racism, anti-Blackness and other discriminatory practice, promoting anti-racist ideas, values, and policies that counter the oppression of any people during education or production of theatre.  

We also believe that anti-racist theater is practiced in reciprocity with other anti-oppressive values, creating space for dismantling a myriad of oppressive constructs such as, but not limited to: sexism, ableism, paternalism, gender and sexual orientation discrimination, bias against Indigenous peoples, and patriarchy.

How we’ll move forward:

We have begun a rigorous examination of our core practices, values, and the existing structures of our organization, including what stories we tell, how we make and present them, who makes them and who hears them, and how we will hold ourselves accountable to this work.  Below is a list of commitments we have made and work we are doing, to be updated regularly as we continue this journey.  We’d like to express our gratitude to the framers of the We See You White American Theater documents, in addition to our local BIPOC theater communities, for their labor in helping define a path for change.

Associate Artists

ArtsWest is pleased to welcome to the company an inaugural cohort of five Associate Artists, creating a new power-sharing model for curation and beyond in season programming. In collaboration with the Artistic and Managing Directors, this group will determine the upcoming season of programming as a collective, engaging in a collaborative exploration and decision making process.

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Added Performance of HEAD OVER HEELS!

December 6th, 2019

By popular demand we’ve added a performance on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18th! Get your tickets now for this special additional performance and see why audiences are going HEAD OVER HEELS for this awesome musical with songs by The Go-Go’s and why Broadway World says “ArtsWest nails it!”

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