by Christian St. Croix

January 27 – February 20, 2022

When his husband dies, Remy Washington, a Black man, finds himself both the owner of a drive-in movie theater and a caregiver to his late husband’s straight, white teenage son, Pup. United by their love of classic American monster movies, the two have developed a warm and caring familial chemistry – but their relationship fractures when Remy discovers Pup and his friends have been bullying a gay teen at his school. Monsters of the American Cinema is a haunting and humorous tale about fathers and sons, ghosts and monsters.  

Winner, 2019 San Diego International Fringe Festival Award – Artists’ Pick 

Winner, 2019 San Diego International Fringe Festival Award – Cultural Exchange


Justin Huertas and Rheanna Atendido, WE’VE BATTLED MONSTERS BEFORE, Photo by John McLellan

A huge thank you to everyone who attended WE’VE BATTLED MONSTERS BEFORE either in-person or online.

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Resurgence Campaign

At long last, our stage came alive this past Friday for the first opening night in almost two years. Our hearts are so full of gratitude for everyone who supported us during our extended closure. It’s because of this community that we are able to open our doors once again.
In celebration of our reopening, we’d like to invite you to take part in our capital and social justice campaign.

Rheanna Atendido, WE’VE BATTLED MONSTERS BEFORE. Photo by Jovelle Tamayo.

Our goal: $1.2 Million over the next three years

$765,573 pledged to date!

RESURGENCE is ArtsWest’s capital & social justice campaign that will not only revive us, but will allow us to rise stronger than we were before.
We know that to weather any storm, we need to own our building, our foundation, allowing us to retire the only debt held by ArtsWest.
We need to make post-COVID modifications in our space, tackle repairs for our 20 year-old building, provide new tools to meet our audience & artist access needs, as well as new equipment that will allow us to be the best home for artistic theater excellence. 
Most of all we know it is the time to invest in our community, to not just be what we were, but to do better than before creating brave spaces for those voices historically marginalized

Daniel Kytonen: In this present moment.

We are so pleased to announce the re-opening of our Art Gallery to the general public. From August 8th through November 14th ArtsWest presents the exhibition In this present moment.
Selected from a series of “Spirit Gates”, Daniel Kytonen’s abstract paintings on transparent plastic sheets transform the spaces they inhabit and invite visitors to approach in-between spaces – between spirit and substance, like divine passageways.

Announcing Our 2021-22 Season

After a year of pandemics and reckonings, we are beginning to emerge from a long dark night of the soul.  What will await us when we wake?  As we step tentatively back into our lives, we know that healing is necessary.  A return to each other is necessary.  But how will we do it?  How will we know what to create together when we finally return to the gathering place? 

As we sleep, we dream.  In our individual dreams, boundaries disappear, and new, limitless worlds are explored.  Obstacles become monsters to slay and we become the gods and heroes of our stories.  In our collective dream, these stories become our myths and legends.   

WHEN WE WAKE is a season rife with gods, monsters, myths and legends – both the ones that create us and the ones we will create together.  As we emerge from the dream, which myths will we choose to bring with us?  Which will we choose to leave behind?  What new legends can we create together? 

When day comes we step out of the shade, 

aflame and unafraid, 

the new dawn blooms as we free it. 

For there is always light, 

if only we’re brave enough to see it. 

If only we’re brave enough to be it. 

– Amanda Gorman 

Mathew Wright, Artistic Director

Associate Artists

ArtsWest is pleased to welcome to the company an inaugural cohort of five Associate Artists, creating a new power-sharing model for curation and beyond in season programming. In collaboration with the Artistic and Managing Directors, this group will determine the upcoming season of programming as a collective, engaging in a collaborative exploration and decision making process.

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October 22nd, 2021

We’re pleased to announce the stars of WE’VE BATTLED MONSTERS BEFORE – Rheanna Atendido and Justin Huertas as the brother / sister duo Adarna and Diego. Together they return to our stage for the world premiere of this new musical!

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