2019-20 Season: Agents of Change

A Message from Mat and Laura

Dear friends,
Thanks for your kind words of support and your patience as we’ve worked to find the new path forward for our production of ALEX & ALIX through the ever-shifting terrain we find ourselves in today.
Originally, we had hoped to find a satisfying way to create and deliver ALEX & ALIX in a digital format for COVID-19 times. However, after many conversations with the creative team, it’s clear that the best path forward for the sharing of this story will be to wait until restrictions have been lifted and we are able to produce the play in person – for a live audience gathered together in our space. We’re unsure just yet of when that will be, but we remain committed to bringing ALEX & ALIX to life on our stage.
In the meantime, we can offer one of four options:

  • Stay on this journey with us! Writer Sara Porkalob and director Jéhan Òsanyìn have taken this opportunity to work on fresh ideas and a multimedia approach for when we can gather again. As soon as we can, we’ll reach out to offer you new dates.
  • Consider your ticket as a donation! We understand if you don’t want to stay on this journey – we’d love for you to consider your ticket as a donation, helping us to continue moving our work forward through these difficult times.
  • Use your ticket as a credit! You’ll receive a credit on your account for a performance in our new season.
  • Receive a refund – we recognize the financial hardship many people are in.

Please let our Box Office know your choice of the options above by emailing kayah@artswest.org.

We hope, as always, that this message finds you in good health and seeking moments of joy wherever you can find them. We miss you and we look forward every day to the moment when we can be together again.


Saint Joan

By George Bernard Shaw


Nobel Prize-winning playwright

Seattle Premiere

Tracing the life of Joan of Arc from the siege of Orleans, through her trial and recantation, and culminating with the tragedy that transformed into a legend, Saint Joan is an electrifying portrait of one of history’s most revered and revolutionary lightning rods. Fiery and timeless, Shaw’s masterpiece shines a fierce light on the limits of an individual in a society dominated by political and religious forces. Presented in a new, stripped-back staging directed by Mathew Wright, prepare to see Joan’s incendiary life shine brighter than ever.

“Shaw’s play is about not heavenly triumph but human hypocrisy — how we crush the dreamer under our heel and then memorialize her […] a point still sharp as Joan’s sword and vivid as the fire that consumed her.” – Vulture

“in this 1923 play, written three years after Joan received sainthood, Shaw never goes for the didactic slam-dunk, even when the angels are on his side. Instead he revels in the complexity…a dialectic that’s weighty even as it crackles with wit.” – Variety

Alex & Alix

By Sara Porkalob


2017 City Arts Future List playwright

2018 Seattle Magazine’s Most Influential People

Multiple Gregory Award-winning artist

World premiere

From artist & activist Sara Porkalob (Dragon Lady, Dragon Cycle) comes a new play about endings, beginnings, and the unseen forces that shape the way we remember love. A moving meditation on memory, trauma and healing from one of Seattle’s—and now, one of the nation’s—most celebrated theatre makers, Alex & Alix is about two women, one name, and a love story that gets rewritten every day.

“After experiencing her astonishing “Dragon Lady’’ and the world premiere of “Dragon Mama,’’ it’s not clear to me what, if anything, this incandescent artist cannot do.” – Boston Globe

“[S]he’s an uncompromising intersectional feminist, dedicated to equity and social justice… Porkalob is eager to make change, constantly interrogating her actions and motivations.” – City Arts

Miss You Like Hell

Sadly, we will not be able to produce our previously announced MISS YOU LIKE HELL, though we will look for an opportunity to bring this incredible piece of theater to you in a future season. This is an unprecedented time in our world for all of us and we have had to make the best choices available to us, to keep us strong. We would ask if you are able, to consider donating to us the value of your tickets that you have purchased for this production. Your donation allows us to not be faced with refunds and cash flow out at a time of need. We would so appreciate that gift. We do understand that that may not be possible for all and refunds can be made.


  All performances – Thursdays – Saturdays at 7:30PM, Sundays at 3PM

A message from Mathew Wright, ArtsWest Artistic Director

revolution (noun)
rev·o·lu·tion | \ ˌre-və-ˈlü-shən \ 

(1) a progressive motion of a body around an axis so that any line of the body parallel to the axis returns to its initial position while remaining parallel to the axis in transit and usually at a constant distance from it

(2) : a sudden, radical, or complete change
a : a fundamental change in political organization
b : a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm

Welcome to “Agents of Change,” a season of theater about revolutions and the people who participate in them – in big and small ways, in public and private spheres. We might have called this season “Revolutions” – or we might have used a phrase or metaphor from a famous poet’s work. Instead, in this all too important year, we’ve chosen to dig into our own mission statement for inspiration.  Our mission guides us toward using live theater as a powerful agent of change – so this is the year we unpack that idea onstage. In the past few years, we’ve seen massive change in our community, in our city, in our country, and not all of it for the better. Of course, change is nothing new – some say it’s the only thing constant. And at the end of the day, it seems not only constant, but integral.

On every level of our lives, together and independently, growth is always necessary – and without change their can be no growth. We must each be constantly renewing ourselves.  This company must always be renewing itself. Our politics must always be renewing itself.  Our understanding of each other must always be renewing itself. We hope you’ll join us for a season of theater that probes, interrogates, and celebrates change, growth, renewal – and revolution.