In the Gallery

SYnco-PateS: Nola Avienne and Ellen Ziegler

June 16 – July 24

Artist Reception:  Thursday, June 16 – 6-8 PM.

Two artists, best of friends, delve into their inner workings via opposite materials and images. The drawings and paintings in this eccentric show reveal inclinations toward solitude, openness, self-reflection, sensory stimulation. introversion and emotional expression. 

1st image: Ellen Ziegler, from Headlong drawing installation, 18″x72″ each, gouache and marker on vellum, 2016

2nd image: Nola Avienne, Undersense, micaceous oxide and eye shadow on roofing paper, 44″x40″, 2016

image001 (1)Avienne_undersense

Stay tuned, more exhibits are coming soon!