Temporary Occupancy

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There is something secluded in the very nature of a hotel room – a place where normal life is disrupted and a new, temporary, and isolated existence is suddenly born. The many lives that have existed in the room quietly accrue like ghosts. And yet, the vivid present is all that matters for the person who has taken temporary occupancy in a place that is designed to never be a home.

Created by Philadelphia immersive theater company Die-Cast, in partnership with ArtsWest, TEMPORARY OCCUPANCY is a digital immersive performance piece that explores isolation during a time of isolation – inventing new modes of performance in the process.  Using a single hotel room as the location for a series of nine short pieces, TEMPORARY OCCUPANCY explores how our lives are connected by more than the physical rooms we share.


Tickets are available for purchase at $12 each. You will receive a link and a password in the purchase email receipt. The piece will continue to be hosted online for the foreseeable future for your enjoyment.


Die-Cast’s work as a company explores new relationships between the visitor and space. Die-Cast incubates work within spaces that are often inaccessible to audiences or are not thought of as performative spaces – ballrooms, historical mansions, and even schooner ships – looking to fill those spaces with the work and have the work shaped by the space in turn.  Recently, they have begun creating work for digital spaces, allowing audiences to choose their own adventures using chatbots, Buzzfeed quizzes, embedded videos and other digital wizardry – hence, digital immersive theater.


Die-Cast was founded by Brenna Geffers and Thom Weaver in order to explore new relationships between the visitor and space. Die-Cast believes in the Collective Creation process.  Artists have fluid boundaries and all are authors of each piece in some way to ensure that every project is a unique expression of the exact bodies in the space. They believe that a deep sense of kinesthetic awareness and groupthink are essential to creating new work as a collective.  They seek a deeper collaboration in order to work towards a Total Theater dynamic.

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Temporary Occupancy was created by Die-Cast Co-founders Brenna Geffers and Thom Weaver as well as Anthony Crosby, Colleen Corcoran, Jahzeer Terrell, Keith Conallen, Steven Wright, David Strattan White, Andrew Carroll, Meg Rumsey-Lasersohn, Niya Colbert, Sean Lally, Rachel Guyer-Mafune and Chris Sannino, with digital scenic design by Christopher Mumaw. All work and performances were created with strict shelter-in and social distancing guidelines in place.