Past Gallery Exhibitions

New Works by Rae Akino

Sep 25 – Oct 27 2019

Artists: Rae Akino


Seattle based, self-taught visual artist. What began as a coping mechanism for depression and anxiety became a lens to examine and understand the world. Being closeted, a slave to others expectations, and losing one of the most important people to their existence caused a mental, emotional, and spiritual paralysis. The need to escape turned into isolation, until they were encouraged to draw their way out of it.

Influenced by music, theater, literature, film, life, people, etc; the DC native uses bold colors and expressive form to explore identity, sexuality, Afrocentrism, spirituality, mental health/ awareness, consciousness, and self. Centering the viewer into an emotional, mental, and spiritual connection with themselves opens the door to endless possibilities. Awakening desensitized emotions lead to the questions that spark conversations.



Living in a society where boxes and labels are a way of life, forces one to hide and resent the parts of themselves that are not accepted.  

Never being strictly one thing or another fostered the realization that “I am all things” “We are all things.”

Telling stories that are unheard, or undervalued gives greater meaning to any work.

My objective is to make the viewer connect and think outside themselves or what they know to be true.  
To see beyond the pretty picture on the wall.

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New Works by BethAnn Lawson

Jun 20 – Jul 28 2019



BethAnn Lawson is modern-impressionist painter who lives and works in Seattle, Washington. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, she was taught by and is heavily influenced by her surrealist painter-father, who was a founding member of the San Francisco Street Artist Association. After graduating from the Institute of Design in San Franscisco, she moved to Seattle and spent over three decades as a textile designer, graphic designer and illustrator, but returned to her love of painting after the passing of her father in 2011.


Through my large paintings, I’m able to play harder, expressing thoughtful, bold, colorful images and concepts without parameters. I can lose myself for hours inside of each one as I take apart the images an carefully put them back together emphasizing colors, rhythms and patterns, bridging the gap between abstraction up close and realism from a distance.

I am always striving for the delicate balance between industry and nature, between meticulous and impetuous, between painting as a physical object and invoking a redolent memory. Fascinated by people and design, I hope to capture little glimpses of life containing whimsy, the secrets of strangers, and the amazing architecture of both nature and man.

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May 02 – May 26 2019

Artists: Anna Jannack


This word has several meanings. It can be used to refer to a book, to identify a particular book in a collection, to talk about the amount of space an object occupies, to describe a container in terms of its capacity, a quantity or amount, and even to describe the quantity of sound. This line of inquiry explores volumes referring to books, volumes referring to the amount of psychic pain and or periods of turmoil stored in our human mind. These paintings talk about our ability to store and catalogue what has happened to us, our ability to both retrieve and forget.

Sometimes volumes of anguish exceed our capacity to process our own experiences, and we then become readily available to feel the intensity of any injury, no matter how small the provocation.  Other times we can thrive and integrate even the most horrid moments of our lives and the most unbearable pain. Sometimes the library of our minds seems complex beyond comprehension and other times it seems simple and poetic.  


I usually find myself wrestling with issues like time and memory. The never ending curiosity to understand how our perception of the world comes together inside our brains hunts me. How does the mind come together? Sometimes it seems as if the mind is a dress with many pockets. Memories seem true and vivid or inaccurate and unreal.

How does one differentiate between what is real or not? During this process, I retreat into a world of materials where I get lost in curiosity and exploration…always looking for the answer that sometimes comes and other times, it evades me. I try to make things simple by organizing and clustering themes into lines of inquiry. These lines of inquiry are sometimes open, closed or bifurcating into new lines of inquiry. This is done in an effort to make sense of what I am doing, but sometimes this process complicates things further.


I have been making art since I was a teenager. I graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle with a BFA in drawing and painting and Antioch University with an MA in Counseling and Art Therapy. I am part painter, part psychotherapist. In my artistic/mental exploration I use what I call “lines of inquiry” about things or subjects that interest me, I get lost in these inquiries. This is where I am from and where I belong. What I create is part art, part meditation and a mind experience of some kind.


2018 “The Water between Us” Miami Art Week- Design Art Concepts – Miami, FL
2018 “The Holiday Show” – Gallery 110 – Seattle, WA

2012 – BFA Thesis Exhibition, Painting, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

2012 –  BFA Open House Exhibition, Painting and Drawing, Sandpoint Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

2011 – “Present”, Juried Show, Jacob Lawrence Gallery Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

2010 – “Domestic”, Juried Show, Jacob Lawrence gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

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Sweet Reverie

Mar 14 – Apr 07 2019



My aim as an Artist is to create Art that is beautifully strong and graceful. Art that will inspire and delight with the magic of color and the beauty of the simple joys of life that make all of us the happiest: Flowers in the sunshine, bright-colored fruit & table settings, green landscapes with lush trees and birds, the sea with sailboats in the distance, and flowing figures painted within dream-like settings. Art that is at once simple andmeaningful and will last-!

At this time I am rather “Flower Obsessed” and I enjoy observing and working from real flowers and plants, brought in from outside and placed around the studio on tables and near my paints and palette. Bright mid-morning daylight is preferred, one that intensifies the vivid colors contained in the bouquets.  I never really arrange the flowers in a certain way in a vase, instead I choose each flower individually, and paint them one by one in an original composition on the canvas.  I’m also inspired by found objects that possess a bold shape, pattern, or texture.

On a prepared white canvas (ranging from 10”x10” up to 30”x40”) I paint in my subject matter exclusively with acrylic paints for backgrounds and details (sometimes utilizing sponges, stencils, or other artist’s tools.) Often to finish – I add more details of something totally unexpected. I feel that Art is always needed to lighten our lives, now more than ever.


Graduated from Bellevue High School

Attended Seattle Central Collage for two years – with Certificate.  Studied Commercial Art – Life Drawing – and Composition.

Worked in collaboration with Robert Rae on Commissions from Nordstrom,Microsoft, and R.E.I.for 3-Dimensional Art – Utilizing techniques of Design, Woodworking, Carving, and Painting.

Designed and Illustrated Three Children’s Books for Viking/Penguin, which were distributed world-wide in Canada, England, Australia, & New Zealand.

Designed and Developed Sixteen Individually-Titled Serigraph Prints, in Limited Editions of (75-175)each – Hand Silk-Screened and sold at: which I have maintained for 10 years.

Created:  – A journal about my Artwork.

Exhibited and Sold Fine Art Paintings at: Vision 20/20 Event for The Burien Arts Association – 2018.

Exhibited and Sold Fine Art Paintings at: Vision 20/20 Event for The Burien Arts Association – 2017.

Exhibited and Sold Fine Art Paintings at: Vision 20/20 Event for The Burien Arts Association – 2016.

Exhibited and Sold Fine Art Paintings at: Lakeshore Gallery, in Kirkland WA.

Also Visit: Instagram @maryrae16

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