Past Gallery Exhibitions

Sweet Reverie

Mar 14 – Apr 07 2019



My aim as an Artist is to create Art that is beautifully strong and graceful. Art that will inspire and delight with the magic of color and the beauty of the simple joys of life that make all of us the happiest: Flowers in the sunshine, bright-colored fruit & table settings, green landscapes with lush trees and birds, the sea with sailboats in the distance, and flowing figures painted within dream-like settings. Art that is at once simple andmeaningful and will last-!

At this time I am rather “Flower Obsessed” and I enjoy observing and working from real flowers and plants, brought in from outside and placed around the studio on tables and near my paints and palette. Bright mid-morning daylight is preferred, one that intensifies the vivid colors contained in the bouquets.  I never really arrange the flowers in a certain way in a vase, instead I choose each flower individually, and paint them one by one in an original composition on the canvas.  I’m also inspired by found objects that possess a bold shape, pattern, or texture.

On a prepared white canvas (ranging from 10”x10” up to 30”x40”) I paint in my subject matter exclusively with acrylic paints for backgrounds and details (sometimes utilizing sponges, stencils, or other artist’s tools.) Often to finish – I add more details of something totally unexpected. I feel that Art is always needed to lighten our lives, now more than ever.


Graduated from Bellevue High School

Attended Seattle Central Collage for two years – with Certificate.  Studied Commercial Art – Life Drawing – and Composition.

Worked in collaboration with Robert Rae on Commissions from Nordstrom,Microsoft, and R.E.I.for 3-Dimensional Art – Utilizing techniques of Design, Woodworking, Carving, and Painting.

Designed and Illustrated Three Children’s Books for Viking/Penguin, which were distributed world-wide in Canada, England, Australia, & New Zealand.

Designed and Developed Sixteen Individually-Titled Serigraph Prints, in Limited Editions of (75-175)each – Hand Silk-Screened and sold at: which I have maintained for 10 years.

Created:  – A journal about my Artwork.

Exhibited and Sold Fine Art Paintings at: Vision 20/20 Event for The Burien Arts Association – 2018.

Exhibited and Sold Fine Art Paintings at: Vision 20/20 Event for The Burien Arts Association – 2017.

Exhibited and Sold Fine Art Paintings at: Vision 20/20 Event for The Burien Arts Association – 2016.

Exhibited and Sold Fine Art Paintings at: Lakeshore Gallery, in Kirkland WA.

Also Visit: Instagram @maryrae16

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Blended Traditions

Jan 24 – Feb 17 2019


Join us on Thursday, February 14 at 6pm for West Seattle Art Walk (special this month: Passport to Love, with prizes and more)! Enjoy light refreshments, meet the artist, and see this remarkable exhibit up close. Free and open to the public.


May Kytonen is a visual artist based in Seattle, Washington, creating work sourced from her mixed Taiwanese heritage. She earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts from the University of Washington in 2012, and has exhibited her work throughout the Pacific Northwest. She has won several awards, including a smART Ventures Mini Grant through the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and an Artist Trust GAP Award in 2017. May’s work is an exploration of Asian-American identity and connection.


I transform paper into sculptural forms sourced from my life and culture. My process began with a longing for connection, wondering where I belonged between cultures as a biracial, Taiwanese-American. Wanting to bridge that gap, I became curious how Chinese and English, the languages of my family, might interact in a joined, physical form. As I took newspaper, spun yarn and began knitting, new questions and curiosities arose for me. What did it mean for paper to break, disintegrate, or be left undone? How was something as fragile as paper able to transcend its original form? What visible and invisible forces caused connection within the work?

As I continue to create this work, my thoughts about identity have shifted. My work begins a map of how one can stretch out and let the folds of self breathe easy, even in the midst of dissonance.


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Seeking the Spirit of Nature

Nov 15 – Dec 23 2018

Join us on Thursday, Dec. 13 at 6pm for West Seattle Art Walk! Enjoy light refreshments, meet the artist, and see this beautiful exhibit up close. Free and open to the public.

Artists: Jolyn Wells-Moran

Artist Statement

Jolyn Wells-Moran uses her sense of nature (the art) and medium (impasto oils) to paint what she considers, “the spirit of nature.” She explains that she aims for a spontaneous, textural and emotionally expressive translation in paint.

Artist Bio

Jolyn originally painted in and taught watercolor, but that was interrupted by higher education, a career in mental health and parenthood. She returned to painting, although in oils, twenty years ago and became a full-time oil painter six years ago. She studied Art throughout school and college; at the School of Drawing and Painting, Institute for American Universities, Aix-en-Provence, France; and with numerous master oil painters. Jolyn’s instructors included Slava Koralenkov, Katherine Stats, Michael Situ, Camille Przewodek, Charles Emerson (Gage Academy of Art), Erik Jacobsen, Kathryn Townsend, Mitch Albala and others. Much of her work is done en plein air (outdoors, from nature). She is a member of Plein Air Washington Artists (PAWA), Women Artists of the West (WAOW) and the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists (PSGNA).


Jolyn shows her work in galleries, juried shows and other venues, including as a guest with Women Painters of Washington Gallery; in the PAWA 2017 juried show at Tacoma Art Company Gallery, Tacoma; in the PSGNA’s “Maritime Motifs: Master Marine Artworks by NW Artists,” Seattle; at the Gardens at Bellevue Square, the “Little Gems” 2016 juried show, Scott Milo Gallery/Plein Air Artists of Washington (PAWA), Anacortes, WA; solo shows; many more. Jolyn has won honors from both international and local competitions, and enjoys teaching all ages. She teaches art to children in Baja California Sur for five to six months of the year. See an article about this at; . She lives in both the Puget Sound and Baja California Sur, Mexico areas and is represented on an ongoing basis by a gallery in Mexico. Check her web site at for current shows. She also welcomes visitors by appointment at her Shoreline and Baja Sur studios.

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Sep 20 – Oct 14 2018


Join us Thursday, October 11 at 6pm for an Artist Reception with Aramis Hamer! Enjoy light refreshments & see the exhibit up close. Free and open to all in celebration of West Seattle Art Walk.

Artist Biography

Aramis O. Hamer is a visual artist and muralist living in Seattle, WA. Her subject matter is inspired by the cosmos, music, nature, divine femininity, and the complexities throughout the Black culture. From a very young age she always loved to create, but at the age of fifteen she discovered her love for acrylic paints. With the supportive art community in the Pacific Northwest, Aramis has been able to exhibit her colorful creations at many different exhibitions in the greater Seattle area- including the EMP Museum, Paramount Theater, Martyr Sauce Gallery, Columbia City Gallery, and more. Aramis created the iconic purple goddess in 2016 for KEXP radio station at Seattle Center which became a catalyst to her art career. You can find many of her designs all over the city including Jimi Hendrix Park. As a self-taught artist, Aramis lets the pull of her imagination be her guide. Her adventure is just beginning, and she invites others to join her on this journey. Learn more about Aramis’ work at

Artist Statement

I am a splash acrylic painter and muralist who loves making a mess. As an emerging artist, I spend majority of my days in the studio creating the colorful images that are slowly becoming my signature style. The basic themes found in my work are strong color contrasts, exaggerated subject matter and drip techniques where I try to stretch the boundaries of surreal, pop, and abstract art. Integrating imagery of my people and urban landscapes reflects the environment in which I was raised. I love to incorporate spray paint related to my admiration of street art. Music is definitely one of my main inspirations. Songs are like stories that continue to inspire my all of my work.

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