Past Gallery Exhibitions

Xin Xin: Happiness Lost and Found

Jun 16 – Jul 03 2022

Artists: Xin Xin

Artist Statement:

My works are a series of maps filled with pockets of love and loss in our lives. Happiness comes and goes during times of loss, grief, mental health struggles, and life transitions. Each piece and title recorded past thoughts and reflections. 

In the uncomfortable spaces, these repetitive marks represent growth (steps) and grief (tears).  Life is full of chapters closing, opening, and re-opening. We go through the white spaces of reflection and the dynamic path of the growing pains. With a variety of color, movement, and emotion I lay out our stories. But not everyone gets to hear these stories. I encourage viewers to step close and away from the works. From a distance the works almost become invisible. From afar, everyone’s life looks almost perfect. In reality, we are all struggling in silence. 

I want to create a comforting feeling that you are not alone. I hope that one day we will come out of the fog. We will love a little harder and feel the grief a little less. We will continue moving on to the next unwritten chapter in search of happiness.

I am honored and humbled to have my first solo exhibition here at Arts West. I hope you find a moment of comfort and joy with this show!

Limited Edition Prints

Limited-edition archival Giclee prints are available upon request. They will be signed, numbered, and mailed anywhere in the United States and Internationally.

Starting price per limited print is $80.

If you are interested in purchasing a limited-edition print, please email me at Let me know the title of the piece(s) you would like to purchase. Ordered prints will be mailed within four weeks.

Artist Bio:

Xin Xin is a visual artist who explores healing traumatic emotions through watercolor abstraction. Xin was born in Beijing, China, and emigrated to Washington with her family when she was twelve years old. Xin graduated from the University of Washington with B.A. in Communication and Sales. After 2 years of working in corporate, Xin decided to solo travel the world for four years. Art has been a consistent theme in Xin’s life since she was 3 years old. She continued to explore her artistic skills and pursued art as a way of self-healing.

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Nepantla: The Space Inbetween

May 05 – Jun 03 2022

Artist: Jake Prendez


Artist Reception: Thursday May 12th, 5-7PM

Jake Prendez is a renown Chicano artist and scholar. He is the owner and co-director of Nepantla Art Gallery on the border of West Seattle and White Center. Jake creates art with a specific focus on themes relating to Chicana/o culture, activism, social justice, pop culture, and satire. His artistic style ranges from indigenous iconography, social realism, portraiture, to colorful pop art.

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Vanessa Ly

Mar 17 – Apr 22 2022

Artist: Vanessa Ly

Because expressions make the best impressions…

Originally a Boston-based architect / artist, I have ventured my way to Seattle to explore what everyone calls the “west coast vibes” in a continuation to indulge in my obsessive passion – illustrating the intriguing puzzles of my mind. Trained with the rigor mindset of one profession yet adapted to the abstract of another has created this fixation of intertwining mechanics and organics as reflected in many of my subject matters; there is always the interest of engaging the rigidity of one element that is typically man-made with the looseness of another that is part of our nature to create a composition where characteristics of both are shared and equalized. With a playful heart in mind, hopefully each piece can compel the viewers to question why?

Please enjoy, comment, and share =) Interpretations are welcomed.

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Gary Rubin – Art in Isolation

Jan 26 – Mar 05 2022

Artist: Gary Rubin

Gary Rubin was born in Brooklyn, NY and now lives in Kirkland, WA. He works primarily in graphite and draws every day without fail.

Gary obtained a BA in Drawing and Sculpture from University of Oregon and has shown in juried group exhibitions throughout the United States and online. This is his first solo exhibition.

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